Out in the blue, without ya mates, ya dead

- Joe Miller, Retired Australian Seafarer, 100 years old.


Stories of the sea and our slaves of convenience... 

Joined by a crew of real-life ‘old salt’ seafarers, Blue Angel is a multi-layered project in development, which includes the creation of a performance work woven from actual stories from the ships.

Our own seafarers' rich tales of adventure, solidarity, struggle, loneliness, love, sex, and laughter, act as a prism to expose the dire situation today for one million seafarers internationally; some of the most exploited workers on the planet.  

Every night there is a city of workers afloat on our oceans, delivering our consumer goods along a liquid highway to our doors. Yet they are mostly invisible to us, their dramatic stories almost unknown. 

Blue Angel tells these stories. 

Just as the seafarers' spirit is 'internationalist' so too is the voyage of the Blue Angel project. A significant international work, created in partnership with three port cities around the globe, in multiple languages, with material created in each location
. Blue Angel 
brings these international stories under one narrative flag to show the similarities of the human experience wherever the liquid highway take us. 

Renowned for their innovative approach and carefully chosen collaboration with communities, Big hART will journey through creative development and initiatives, with artists and the seafaring communities of major port cities around Australia - and beyond - in the lead up to this theatrical work of scale, due to set sail in 2015. 

For more on the project, contact Creative Producer Cecily Hardy Ph: (00 61) 0457 150 931 cecily@bighart.org 

...Thoughts urge my heart, that I should myself experience the high seas and the tossing of the salt sea-waves again. 
- The Seafarer, Exeter Book. 

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