Impact Investment

Big hART is diversifying

We are widening our funding streams to include impact investment opportunities. Impact investments are made to generate both a financial and a measurable social return.

Big hART is offering a sound impact investment opportunity, designed to generate strong social and financial returns for Big hART and co-investors through a venture called SKATE Project.

SKATE Project is a highly commercial touring performance work, designed to generate exceptionally strong box office appeal (think STOMP on wheels).

Profits from SKATE will help future-proof Big hART and assist the organisation to deliver more outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

Co-investors can gain a financial return on their investment to their own charitable portfolio, as well as a measurable social return by helping to sustain Big hART’s projects.

Big hART invites forward thinking early adopters to co-invest in this innovative impact investment opportunity.


For more information

Contact: Lucy Harrison| Partnerships Manager | lucy@bighart.org