NEO-Learning  – a new way of learning about Aboriginal culture.

NEO-Learning is an enthralling new digital platform for schools which teaches Aboriginal culture and history.

New learning means new futures. Co-created by young Aboriginal people from Ieramagadu (Roebourne) in the Pilbara alongside Big hART, NEO-Learning is a project in development, which is being piloted at schools and virtual classrooms in 2020.

Inspired by Big hART’s award-winning sci-fi comic NEOMAD, NEO-Learning is a fun, online resource which fulfils cross-curriculum objectives across all states with instantly accessible, highly engaging Indigenous online content, videos and exercises.

Big hART has been working with the Ieramagadu community in the Pilbara for 10 years. The NEOMAD comic was created with the help of over 40 young people in the community, through workshops in scriptwriting, literacy, photoshop, filmmaking and sound recording. Set around Murujuga (the Burrup Peninsula), the largest rock engraving site in the world, NEOMAD follows the adventures of the Love Punks and Satellite Sisters in an imaginary world of spy bots, magic crystals and mysterious petroglyphs.

NEO-Learning continues the legacy of digital tech innovation in Roebourne, and is supported through the Telstra Foundation’s social impact program Tech4Good.

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Contact: Sam Hawker | National Producer | | +61 (0) 417 917 098

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