Who we are

Our Mission

‘It’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story’. Our work sheds light on invisible stories, bringing hidden injustice into the mainstream. These stories make it harder to hurt someone - on an individual, community and policy level. Our work demands best practise, and we strive for generational change.

Our History

32 years ago, Big hART was set up as an innovative experiment to find new ways of dealing with disadvantage. Motivated by the closure of a paper mill in the industrial town of Burnie, Tasmania, Big hART began working with the community, creating high quality art to transmit their story. This began a journey that has taken the Big hART model to over 64 communities nationwide.

BIGhART Approach

We are

Authentic, high-quality art made by professionals, with communities.

The themes we tackle are big – the art is moving, funny, intimate and grounded in the community. We love film, theatre, documentary, events, music, podcast, apps, digital media and more. We employ innovative, emerging and established artists to mentor participants and create award-winning work.

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We are

Strong, thriving communities through evidence based approaches.

The communities we work with may be in the middle of the desert, isolated in the city, or enslaved on the world’s oceans. Everyone, everywhere has a right to thrive, and we love to collaborate with communities, seeing ‘what’s strong’ rather than ‘what’s wrong’ – and working together to strengthen it. We employ talented community builders, designing award-winning projects.

We are
change makers.

Positive, transformational project designs – that are cost effective.

The issues we assist communities with always involve both a problem and an opportunity. These opportunities give rise to Big hART projects. The projects are deeply embedded in cultural activity. Everyone, everywhere has the right to be involved in culture, because a cultural voice gives communities the chance to participate in imagining a more positive future, and driving change to get there.

Our team

Big hART is project based. Our core staff deliver these projects in the field, working alongside a large pool of skilled, highly regarded professionals.

Scott Rankin

Genevieve Dugard

Sam Hawker

Andrew Viney

Angela Prior

Lucy Harrison

Sophia Marinos

John Culley

Mark Leahy

Allery Sandy

Patrick Churnside

Rachel Small

Michelle Adams

Lincoln Smith

Fallon Te Paa

Jay Bushby

Lucky Oceans

Monica Higgins

Aaron Hopper

Christina Donoghue

Olivia Beamish

Phillip Glen

Big hART board

Barbara Baikie


Justice & Gender: Barbara has held 20+ years of senior positions in juvenile justice, disability, child protection, and policy. She is currently President of the National Council of Women of Australia. Her key experience includes strategic planning and consulting.

Andrew Viney

Public Officer, Treasurer

Entertainment: Andrew has 20+ years in the private sector, and the music and entertainment industry. He is experienced in logistics, financial planning, and HR management.

Scott Rankin


Community Development & Arts: Scott is Big hART's Co-founder, CEO, and Creative Director, with additional roles as Writer, Director, Executive Producer, essayist and public speaker. He is a leader in CCD project design, consulting to Government and the corporate sector.

Allery Sandy


Community Development & Arts: A Yindjibarndi leader and artist, Allery has been working with Big hART in Roebourne for 6 years, as a key elder on the project and a cultural consultant. Allery's background includes community welfare, Yindjibarndi language education, work for the Aboriginal Church and she is also a Director on a number of boards.

Neal Rodwell


Disability: Neal is the Manager of North West Residential Support Services Inc., with 30+ yrs experience in disability and the not-for-profit sector. He is highly skilled in the areas of financial management and policy development.

Patrick Churnside


Community Development & Arts: Patrick is a Traditional Owner from the Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi Language Groups and a gifted performer and has worked with Big hART leading intercultural workshops for many years. Patrick is also a board member of the State Government Aboriginal Cultural Materials Committee and City of Karratha Arts & Cultural Advisory Group.

Carla Wall


Financial & Commercial: Carla is the Executive General Manager - Finance for Results Legal. She has 20+ years’ experience driving the vision, business strategy and growth across a range of sectors including finance, construction and technology.

Kaytlyn Johnson


Youth, Advocacy & Arts: Project O Alumni Kaytlyn is a 20 year old Palawa woman from North West Tasmania who understands the intergenerational disadvantages young people face in isolated communities. In 2022 Kaytlyn was awarded the Tasmanian Young Australian of the Year Award and advocates for social change for rural youth, Indigenous injustice and on climate issues.