"It's harder to hurt someone if you know their story"

Hear the stories of the artists, community members and people behind Big hART - making art, building community and driving change in rural and urban areas across Australia.

Frankston Girls – Don’t define us by your stereotypes.


“Some of you here might feel like you’ve heard about me before. Remember, ‘that naughty kid’. You know, one of those mouthy girls who really needs to watch her tongue. One of those girls who’s complicated because you know, she comes. Read more

Art as Protection – Diary from South Korea


“Using art as protection was such a great theme for our trip, it is so closely linked to a core belief at Big hART – it’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story. Jangsaengpo was a former whaling. Read more

The Vulnerability of Inequality and how Teenage Girls are Changing Communities


2015 Australian of the Year Rosie Batty is one of Australia’s leading campaigners against family violence. She believes young women are key to changing inequality in remote and disadvantaged communities – “Project O is about lifting our expectations of ourselves,. Read more

The Zine Effect


“All of the messages they wanted to share with the world, the changes they wanted to see, the struggles, they could share it in the zine”, reflects Fallon Te Paa, of the zine project with Frankston Project O young women.. Read more

Justice, Story & Strategic Growth – by Scott Rankin


“This accelerating Tasmanian narration in this new digital and global century is fascinating and full of opportunity. But what happens with this acceleration – if we get inclusivity wrong?…If we leave people behind in this flash new imaging…” – Scott. Read more

North West Coast, a photo essay by Heath Holden


Represented by Getty Images Editorial and Lonely Planet Images, Photographer Heath Holden has travelled all over the world, from Qatar to Kenya but still finds time to fit in work with Big hART. In this photo essay experience the invisible. Read more

The Power of Risk


When you hear of teenagers engaging in risky activities you might instantly jump to drug-taking, drinking and damaging of property, but for a group of young women in Wynyard and Smithton, it is risk-taking that is helping them become leaders. Read more

Women Lead Healing through Song in Roebourne


  If you had stopped by the Ngurin Cultural Centre in Yirramagadu (Roebourne) during Songs for Peace you would have experienced a community transformed. A fire burning at sunset with people gathered around eating, talking, laughing and singing… children playing. Read more

Songwriting – a lifeline between prison and the community in Roebourne


Sometimes songs can do more than just be an expression, they can be a lifeline. In Roebourne in the Pilbara, songwriting is helping incarcerated Indigenous men connect back to their community and Country, and join families with their loved ones.. Read more

Music is a Food – it Feeds Us


“The role of music in this community is so important, we need this community to have music. The songs that people are writing are about their families, about the countryside. Music is an expression of who that person is”, says Rachel James. Read more