"It's harder to hurt someone if you know their story"

Hear the stories of the artists, community members and people behind Big hART - making art, building community and driving change in rural and urban areas across Australia.

Meet Amy Morcom, SKATE Producer


“There’s literally nothing else that does the same thing. It gets all your senses.” An interview with SKATE Producer Amy Morcom, on what does a producer actually does, and why she thinks skateboarding and percussion make such a powerful combination.. Read more

Walking with Technology

“You have an elder using an iPad and using colour and animation. Young people are learning, I am learning.” -Yindjibarndi woman Michelle Adams on how Indigenous people can walk with technology, using it as a tool to keep stories alive.. Read more

The Art of Empowerment


From the outside of Monterey Secondary College in Frankston, it may look like another vanilla day at another high school in Melbourne – lessons, curriculum KPIs, smart phone control, teenagers embroiled in the latest dramas. But in one room, there’s. Read more

The Origin Story of SKATE


“Skateboarders are pretty altruistic and so are young people. SKATE’s been in Big hART’s DNA for probably 12-15 years.” SKATE Executive Director Scott Rankin reflects on SKATE’s early days in this first person interview. “Telen Rodwell and some friends began…. Read more

The Generosity of Sheds


Over 1200 people flocked to a potato shed, a silage tower, a shearing shed, a bulk storage shed and a woodworking shed for Acoustic Life of Sheds. Montana-born shed owner Devon Cruickshank said “We thought we’d just be cleaning up the shed…. Read more

Meet Mark Leahy, SKATE Music Director


As the Music Director of SKATE, Mark Leahy is working closely with the cast to produce an energetic audio soundscape, “There are some beautiful organic sounds on the skateboard – the grip tape and the wheels, the sounds of the board coping on. Read more

Young Women Taking the Lead


Project O has had a big couple of months to kick off 2019. In Tasmania cohorts have been intensively working towards Acoustic Life of Sheds, and in Frankston participant Ellenois said “I like that in Project O we get to be. Read more

Meet Matt Hoy, Artist of Acoustic Life of Sheds


Meet Cellist Matt Hoy, who collaborated with a filmmaker, a trance electronica artist and a poet for Acoustic Life of Sheds. An artistic executive who has worked for Australia’s leading arts organisations, the experience for Matt was fulfilling, humbling and. Read more