Wynyard, TAS

20+20 backs young rural people to succeed in a transitioning employment marketplace. Young people, making work happen.

20+20 provides real life work experience in the creative industries to young rural people aged 15-19. The project assists young people to define their aspirations, match these with skills, develop the habits of work, and explore unusual employment pathways. This allows young people to expand their horizons, and move beyond negative generational expectations.

When the employment market is limited, or not responsive to the skills and aspirations of future makers, we need to support young people to create the workplaces of the future. Making use of Big hART platforms to create pathways to employment – such as the Acoustic Life of Sheds, and Project O’s Colourathon – professional mentors work with young people to make new connections, establish new networks, and open new doors, whilst also partnering with local businesses to provide opportunities that foster entrepeneurial skills.

As a preventative unemployment program, 20+20 is primarily delivered within the school curriculum, ensuring that young people stay in school, whilst developing the practical, technical and personal skills that encourage a passion for careers – not just ‘jobs’. In this way, 20+20 is a unique approach to driving generational change in communities where high unemployment is an issue.

20+20 has been developed as a legacy program to Project O.

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Contact: Janelle Johnstone | Producer | janelle@bighart.org | +61 (0) 431 901 706

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