Blue Angel

Blue Angel is an innovative international collaboration between artists and the maritime industry, delving into the mysteries and superstitions of the ocean, and capturing the urgent issue of slavery at sea.


Blue Angel performances can take multiple forms. A large site-specific theatre work staged across small temporary spaces on or near the docks of a port city, or as a smaller concert version in more traditional venues, combined with exhibitions and multi-media.

Blue Angel combines stories and images from contemporary seafaring – slavery, piracy, danger and death, as well as the lives of lovers and those left at home. The world’s history is a maritime history, and Blue Angel calls on the ancient world, the oceans in conflict, the family stories and those ships that pass in the night.

Fair Shipping

90% of everything we buy comes to us on a ship. Seafaring is 17 times more dangerous than mining and thousands of seafarers are lost every year, through storms, shipwrecks, accidents and disaster. There are about 1.3 million seafarers working the liquid highways of the oceans everyday – about 700,000 of them working essentially as slaves. The general public knows nothing of this, as we push our shopping trollies around supermarkets and hardware stores.

Blue Angel’s Fair Shipping campaign is designed to support those who are lobbying for change, by bringing this to public attention through story, media, music, forums and word of mouth

More information

Contact: Sam Hawker | Producer | sam@bighart.org | +61 (0) 417 917 098

For more information, including funding partners, visit the website