Jarda Bura, Gurri Bura | Jarda Ngarli, Gurri Ngarli & Wangaba Barnigu Wangabarni

Perth WA

Jarda Bura, Gurri Bura | Jarda Ngarli, Gurri Ngarli

(Senior Women, Young Women)


Wangaba Barnigu | Wangabarni

(Staying Alive)

Filmed and created on Ngarluma and Yindjibarndi country in the Pilbara, Jarda Bura, Gurri Bura, Jarda Ngarli, Gurri Ngarli (Senior Woman, Young Woman) and Wangaba Barnigu, Wangabarni (Staying Alive) are two new digital artworks produced by Big hART and women from the community of Roebourne. These artworks are inspired by the enduring power of women’s relationships, and the significance of connections between generations that underpins a joyful exchange of strength and knowledge. 

 In Jarda Bura, Gurri Bura, Jarda Ngarli, Gurri Ngarli, intergenerational relationships between women, their kinship system and their living connection to Country, practice and power are explored through film, photography and audio. Jarda Bura, Gurri Bura, Jarda Ngarli, Gurri highlights women’s stories of strength, and the knowledge and leadership they draw collectively from the relationships between mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters and aunties. 

Wangaba Barnigu, Wangabani (Staying Alive) is inspired by exploring and observing local plants, trees and wildflowers from Country through the digital lens of photography and visual interpretation on digital drawing app Procreate. This film features the artwork and photography of young women from Roebourne.  

These films are commissioned by the Western Australian Museum Boola Bardip (WAM), funded by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and developed in consultation with Aboriginal Art Centre Hub Western Australia (AACHWA)

For more information on the WA Museum visit: https://visit.museum.wa.gov.au/ 

For more information on AACHWA visit: https://aachwa.com.au/

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