SKATE is pure theatre spectacle – combining skateboarding, percussion and tracking projection in a high-powered performance piece, for broad appeal.

Performance Piece

A highly commercial touring performance piece, SKATE is designed to generate exceptionally strong box office.

The skateboarders create percussive music and trigger explosions of projection and light. Skateboarding is the fastest growing sport in the world, and with no language barriers and its combination of dance, music, image and skateboarding, SKATE can play anywhere around the globe.

Timed for maximum exposure coinciding with the Toyko Olympics in 2020, SKATE is a commercial opportunity to assist in building Big hART’s sustainability.

SKATE – Social Impact Investment

SKATE Project is an impact investment opportunity, designed to generate strong social and financial returns for Big hART and co-investors. Profits from SKATE will help future-proof Big hART and assist the organisation to continue to deliver outcomes in disadvantaged communities.

Co-investors can gain a financial return on their investment to their own portfolio, as well as a measurable social return by helping to sustain Big hART’s projects. Big hART invites forward thinking early adopters to co-invest in this innovative impact investment opportunity.

More information

Contact: Sam Hawker | Producer | | 0417 917 098

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